Wambra Radio was born in 2010 as a form of popular, community oriented communication from Latin America, specifically in Quito, Ecuador. It was created by youth, women, artists, collectives and social organizations.

Wambra Radio is a place where you will find diverse voices that that create free, popular communication that promotes a more just, equal world, a world where Sumak Kawsay or Buen Vivir is a reality for everyone.

Wambra Radio has been a part of different fights for communities in rural areas and in the city, indigenes nationalities, social organizations that fight for their causes but don’t have access to means of communication to tell their stories and demand their rights.

Wambra Radio has been broadcast on the internet. The free Internet has been our alternative for to accomplish radio that includes many voices telling many stories. But we think that Wambra Radio should not just be heard on the Internet. We are asking for our own FM frequency to operate community radio in Quito.

Wambra Radio is a self managed project that has been sustained with the support of many friends. We invite you to become a friend and support this initiative. We need funds to cover the work that our radio project accomplishes. With your contributions we can continue with our project. We can keep our radio programs of collectives of feminists, environmentalists, socialists, the diffusion of alternative, independent music, investigative journalism, radio coverage of social organizations, sound productions and alternative video.

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