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Sunday, April 26,2020


Due to the consolidation of the numbers announced by the Minister of Health, once again they did not release information about COVID-19 cases today. On this occasion we will give to you a review of the statements and measures announced today, so that you have access to clear and timely information, which is essential to take action during the health emergency.

🚨 Integrated Security Service ECU 911:

☎️ The director of ECU 911, Juan Zapata, turned in the new numbers of phone calls, as he stated between March 12 and April 25 they have registered 1,636,000 calls, an increase of 3.8% with respect to the same time period the year before. In this same period they have registered 10,695 calls for domestic violence, 143 to denounce institutions that force their employees to work who are not a part of the authorized sectors and 37 scam calls. As Juan Zapata stated, 47% of the calls are misusing the line.
📌 Measures:
📈 The president of the Republic, Lenín Moreno, in a televised address today insisted that in the case of even the “smallest” outbreak during the stage of social distancing that the country will soon enter into, they would go back to social isolation again. According to Morena the local authorities, of each province, will have the final call about the measures for distancing.
🚦 The Government Minister, María Paula Romo, announced how the traffic lights will be governed by the provinces and cantons starting May 4: 
🔴 Red: 
💹 Online commerce and home deliveries are authorized during hours from 7am to 10pm.
🚕 Taxi service in accordance with the plate number is authorized between 5am and 22pm, people who work on the front lines will have a discount
🚫 There is no travel on the weekends and citizens will only be able to travel one time per week.
🚷 The curfew continues from 2pm to 5am.
👩💻 The work restrictions continue, only essential activities will be carried out.
🔶 Yellow:
👨💻 Public and private institutions may return to work with half of their workers. They will have to divide themselves in shifts and prioritize working from home.
🧴 All the companies will have to develop protection protocols for their workers and clients.
👨 Outpatient medical service care is authorized in all specialties.
🚷 The curfew is in place from 6pm to 5am.
🚌 Public transport is authorized (urban and between parishes), they will be able to circulate at 30% of their total capacity.
🚗 Private vehicles will circulate two days a week according to the last digit and circulation on Sundays is prohibited.
✋ Local businesses will only be able to welcome in 30% of their capacity.
✅ Green:
👩💻 Public and private institutions can return a work with 70% of their employees. They will have to divide themselves in shifts and prioritize working from home.
🚷 The curfew is in place from 9pm until 5am. 
🚌 Public transport (urban, interparishal and intercantonal) is authorized and they will be able to circulate with 50% of their capacity.
✋ Local businesses will be able to welcome in up to 50% of their capacity.
🚥 This week the information of each canton will be ready and published; According to Romo the COE Nacional will suggest the colors, but the mayors will be the ones who make the decisions for each canton.
♦️ Action:
👩🏽‍⚕‍👨🏽‍⚕‍ The Guayas and Pichincha Medical Schools have released statements in which they express their worry in the face of the “hurried decisions” to lift isolation. The Guayas Medical School explained that in the province “with the worst death numbers not only in the nation but in the world” in which both the public and private health systems have not been able to give an adequate response, it is “impossible” to say that the numbers have stabilized, even more so when from one day to the next the numbers double. For their part, the Pichincha medical college stated that they should not give in to “political positions or pressures from economic sectors” but rather they should make decisions based on the scientific evidence, conduct mass testing and take into consideration the World Health Organization’s recommendations. Both schools rejected the step to social distancing and requested the national government to take action in favor of the health and life of Ecuadorians.
🤝🏼 Solidarities:
🇩🇪 Due to the pandemic in Ecuador, Ecuadorian migrants in Germany have undertaken a fundraising campaign to contribute to community work in Guayaquil, to contribute to this campaign you can make a donation here: https://n9.cl/ja1b.
Summary prepared by Wambra Medio Digital Comunitario