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Saturday, April 25, 2020


Today, the COE nacional did not turn in numbers about the COVID-19 situation in the country, according to the Minister of Health, Juan Carlos Zeballos, nationwide they will consolidate data in order to put out “reliable information.” 
The numbers reported by the COE Nacional up until May 24 do not include all of the people infected and deaths caused by COVID-19, because they only correspond to the tests taken and processed as well as the deaths registered by the Ministry of Health.  
On this occasion we will give to you a review of the statements and measures announced today, so that you have access to clear and timely information, essential to act during the health emergency.

🥼 Ministry of Health:

🔬 According to the Minister of Health, Juan Carlos Zeballos, social distancing, that will begin on May 4, is based on the experiences of China and other Asian countries. A test will be conducted in 221 cantons with which they will carry out “localized calculations of the contagion rate” and the percentage of the population that «was exposed to the virus and gained defenses.” Zeballos said that yes there will be new outbreaks but they will be contained.

😳On March 27 a woman that was in the Guayaquil hospital was presumed dead by COVID-19, her family members received the ashes that were supposed to belong to this 74 year old woman. Yesterday they announced that the woman is alive and was unconscious for 3 weeks. This action generated a series of complaints for the negligence to navigate the crisis in the hospitals. Given this the head of the Joint Task Force, Jorge Wated, stated that he will issue a report to clarify the facts, but he insisted that the management of hospital morgues is not his responsibility.
📌 Measures:
🏘️ The Mayor of Quito, Jorge Yunda, requested the COE Nacional to lengthen the period of isolation in Quito, the request is made to avoid more infections in the country’s most populous city. According to the mayor to mitigate the lack of economic activities, the municipality will deliver 500,000 food kits for vulnerable families.
♦️ Action:
ℹ️ The Regional Foundation of Consultancy for Human Rights, INREDH requested transparent information about the number of barrels spilled by the SOTE and OCP ruptures, on April 7. The foundation claimed that at the beginning it was declared that 4,000 barrels were spilled, but on April 20 they said that the number was 15,000. Due to this oil spill, Confeniae stated that 2,000 indigenous families do not have water or food in the midst of the pandemic.
🤝 Solidarities:
🐶 The Lucky Animal Welfare Foundation requests support to feed the rescued pets in their shelter. To support the foundation one can give donations of pet food or sponsor a rescued pet for $5 a month. The people that are able to contribute economically can make a bank transfer to the savings account number 2204144329 at Banco Pichincha to Alejandra Reyes 
(C.I.: 1717345092). For more information email: luckybienestaranimal@gmail.com or 
call: 0963719682. 
Summary prepared by Wambra Medio Digital Comunitario