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Saturday, May 2, 2020

The official Covid19 figures correspond only to the number of people who have accessed a test, it does not include suspicious cases, nor unidentified cases. Since Friday, April 27, the National COE reported that the reported number of total samples adds the number of PCR tests and rapid tests applied, while the cases by province are only the results of PCR tests, therefore, they are effective diagnoses. individual. Data from the Ministry of Health: 73 73,929 tests have been carried out to detect COVID-19, of these ➕ 27,464 people tested positive for COVID-19, and ➖ 30,170 were negative.

🏠 15,316 people who remain stable with home isolation, 🏥 335 people hospitalized in a stable situation and 150 people hospitalized with a reserved prognosis.

💪🏼 1,942 people were discharged from hospital, 2,132 people have recovered and 6,218 have been epidemiologically discharged. 1.3️ 1,317 people have died from COVID-19, plus 1,467 probable deaths. In total: 2,784 people died with and without diagnosis.

😷 These are the data of people with confirmed COVID-19 by province: Guayas 11,695, Pichincha 1,593, Los Ríos 903, Manabí 799, El Oro 575, Azuay 505, Santa Elena 470, Cañar 328, Loja 270, Sto. Domingo de los Tsáchilas 285, Esmeraldas 212, Chimborazo 208, Tungurahua 200, Bolívar 162, Cotopaxi 122, Imbabura 99, Morona Santiago 72, Galápagos 70, Carchi 63, Zamora Chinchipe 60, Pastaza 52, Sucumbíos 45, Orellana 39, Napo 36.

⛲️ Other sources:

🐢 The Government of Galapagos announced that, until the cut off of 23:00 on May 1, it registers 107 people with a positive diagnosis of COVID19. Of these, around 57 are isolated in three ships, 21 are on Santa Cruz Island, 12 on San Cristóbal Island, 15 on Isabela Island and 2 people who were transferred to continental Ecuador. The figures do not agree and, as indicated by the Government of Galapagos, there is a delay in the recording of information by the national COE, which in today’s report indicated that there were only 70 cases.

📌 Measurements:

🔴 The National Risk Management Service published a map with information of 112 cantons that have decided to stay in the red and not go to the stage of social distancing. The National COE reported that it has not yet received information from the remaining 109 cantons.

📖 The Ministry of Finance decided to reduce almost 99 million dollars to the higher education budget, so that all public universities in the country will receive fewer resources. Several universities have already expressed their total rejection of the measure because, according to what they explain, it will be detrimental to students and teaching staff, who will have to be removed due to the lack of liquidity to cover their salaries.

🚨 The Quito Metropolitan Emergency Operations Committee (COE) made it official that it will remain in quarantine until May 31. The decision was made based on the resolution of the Metropolitan Council, issued on April 28, in which the councilors did not give way to the proposal to move to social distancing from May 4. In the canton of Quito, 1,405 coronavirus cases are officially registered until this Friday.

♦ ️ Actions:

Sie The Siekopai (Secoya) nationality and the Alliance of Human Rights Organizations issued an alert confirming cases of contagion in that nationality. Furthermore, they recalled that two elderly people have already died with symptoms of Covid19 without having accessed tests, so it is believed that at least 15 people have been infected. Siekopai nationality asked national and international human rights organizations to remain vigilant and demand a comprehensive, concerted and urgent response from the State.

🏥 Through an open letter, Pablo Izquierdo, former manager of the Eugenio Espejo Hospital, who was removed from office by the Health authorities just 40 days after his appointment, denounced «corruption» and «millionaire businesses» in the hospital, for on top of the need to buy bioprotection supplies for the medical personnel of that health house. This statement coincides with the protest made by hospital staff on April 28, denouncing working conditions, lack of medical supplies, medicine and biosafety measures. Several people, through social networks, stated that the platform through which they could consult if they are beneficiaries of the delivery of food baskets, which President Lenín Moreno announced would be delivered to people with disabilities, catastrophic diseases and people in situations of vulnerability. The government admitted the failure on the platform and held users responsible for entering information with «errors or omissions.»

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