Since Friday, April 24, the official Covid19 figures in Ecuador, released by the authorities, reflect some inconsistencies and no longer provide information that did, such as the death rate by province. After the consolidation of data carried out over the weekend, today the National COE issued a new infographic in which the information by province was lower than that reported last Friday.

Some of the figures that present a considerable decrease, compared to those reported on April 24, are: Guayas, which went from 15,365 confirmed cases to 10,172, in Manabí, until Friday was the second province with the most infections, 1,869 confirmed people and today it has 514, in Pichincha there is also a considerable decrease before it had 1,634 and today it registers 1,194.

According to the MSP, the decrease in figures compared to April 24 is due to the fact that in today’s infographic only the results of the PCR tests were counted. The State portfolio insists that the data previously provided corresponded to both PCR tests and rapid tests. In the statement issued by this State portfolio, they assured that as of today only PCR test data will be issued. For this reason, we decided not to issue the official figures in this summary, only measures and statements from authorities, so that the information that reaches them is clear and verified.

📌 Measurements:

▶ ️ The mayoress of Guayaquil requested the government to immediately comply with budget allocations for the month of April and the VAT refund, additionally requested that the National COE make the Armed Forces and the National Police available to the Cantonal COE.

▶ ️ The prefect of Pichincha, Paola Pabón, in a press conference rejected that the national government has decided to start the transition from isolation to estrangement, on May 4. The prefect said that in the case of Pichincha it will be very complex, that there will probably be cantons that make the decision based on economic criteria, above the scientists. He also said that the central government’s debts with local governments and the lack of transparency in the figures is already a criterion that shows that Ecuador is not yet ready to lift isolation.

♦ ️ Actions:

🏳️‍🌈Conaie issued a statement requesting the communes, communities, towns and indigenous nationalities to maintain quarantine throughout the month of May to avoid the spread of COVID-19. In addition, he announced that the community guards will be maintained to control the entry into the territories, barter will also be applied, community fairs and prevention campaigns will be held in native languages ​​to avoid contagion.

🤝The Alliance of Human Rights Organizations issued an alert informing that the indigenous and peasant community of the Amazon is at risk due to the increasing increase in cases of COVID-19. For this reason, the Alliance asked the local authorities to channel resources for the purchase of evidence and to provide the institutions with adequate equipment for detection, and also asked to close all mining and extraction activities at least for the duration of the emergency. Likewise, he urged the State and local authorities to carry out prevention campaigns in native languages, to deliver food kits to the population.

Summary prepared by Wambra Digital Community Media

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