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Friday, April 24, 2020


The official numbers of people infected and deaths by COVID-19 in #Ecuador shows only one part of the reality, specifically the population that had access to the tests. However, we consider it necessary to be familiar with these numbers and demand them because accessing clear and timely information is essential to act during the sanitary emergency. Here we share the official facts broken down:

🥼 Facts from the Ministry of Health:

🔬 They have conducted 56,513 tests to detect COVID-19, of those ➕ 22,719 people tested positive to the diagnostic COVID-19 test, and ➖ 23,138 tested negative. 💪 1,366 people were discharged from the hospital, 🏘️ 20,350 are in stable condition in isolation at home, 🏥 300 people are hospitalized in stable condition and 127 people are hospitalized in uncertain condition. 

⚰️ 576 people have died with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis and 1,060 people probably died by the virus, but have not determined. In total: 1,636 people died with and without the diagnosis. 

😷 These are the numbers of people confirmed with COVID-19 by province: Guayas 15,365, Manabí 1,869, Pichincha 1,634, Los Ríos 668, El Oro 477, Azuay 449, Santa Elena 321, Cañar 269, Chimborazo 219, Loja 213, Sto. Domingo de los Tsáchilas 197, Esmeraldas 195, Tungurahua 152, Cotopaxi 109, Bolívar 105, Imbabura 97, Galápagos 86, Carchi 59, Sucumbíos 55, Morona Santiago 48, Zamora Chinchipe 42, Pastaza 39, Orellana 31, Napo 20.

No information was turned in for the remaining 10,656 people. According to the Health Minister, Juan Carlos Zeballos, the country has the capacity to do 13,000 tests daily.
📌 Measures:
🗓️ The president of the Republic, Lenín Moreno, has announced that starting May 4 the transition from isolation to social distancing will begin, under the following guidelines: 
⚙️ The industries should prepare planes for return following the instructions of the COE Nacional, like only using half of the maximum capacity and extending work hours to allow for work in different shifts and decrease the use of public transport. Sectors like construction and electronic commerce must comply with the health protocol, prioritization of projects, work schedules, and mobilization of workers. All companies that are able to continue with telework must do so by providing all the communication facilities and schedules for their employees.
💳 Starting next week they will allow new business activities, as long the sales are online, with home deliveries, and following the protocols. Due to this they will expand the hours for the delivery of food, health products, and basic needs. The control and monitoring will be done in coordination with the GAD’s
🏡 Continue in isolation:  📚 students from preschool to college, 👴 people older than 60, ♿ people with a disability, 🤒 people with chronic illness and 🤧 all those more vulnerable to the Coronavirus.
🔒 Will continue to be closed:
🍸 Bars, 🕺🏽 discos, 🍱 restaurants to the public, 🤸🏽‍♀‍ Gymnasiums, 🎭 Theaters, 🎦 Movie theaters, meeting places, and social activities. The borders, ✈️ national and international flights, and 🚌urban and interprovincial transport will also continue to be closed. 
🔓 The businesses that can continue operating with the same regulations and precautions are:  
🛒 grocery stores, markets and neighborhood stores, 💊 Pharmacies and medical supplies in general, 🛵 Restaurants through delivery only, 🏦 Banking and Financial Institutions, 🚰 Basic Services, strategic sectors, and sectors that correspond to export chains.
😷 The use of a mask is obligatory in all public spaces.
♦️ Actions:
⚖️ The Permanent Committee for the Defense of Humans Rights (CDH) issued a complaint for agressions for attacks by National Police agents against the trans population on April 14, 2020. As reported by the CDH, the trans women initially were accosted verbally by officers that circulated in the police car EC 00912, afterwards they were cornered against a wall, threatened and physically assaulted. The complaint already was presented to the Department of Protection of Citizens’ Rights, the National Council for Gender Equality and the National Police also were informed.
🤝 Solidarities:
🥭 The Madre Sabia Association is collecting food to give to vulnerable families in Tumbaco. They are receiving food donations at the store, Runa Sumak Mikuy, located on the streets Belermo 109 and Manuel Cañola, in the Tumbaco sector. For more information call the number 0969397684.
Summary prepared by Wambra Medio Digital Comunitario