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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

As of May 4, information will only be broadcast on the national network only three times a week, but figures will be turned in daily, according to the National COE. However, today the COVID-19 infection report was not released, even though the government communication team said that it would be released in the afternoon. In spite of that, we will share with you in this summary, important information relating to the emergency: 

📌 Measures:

👶 More than 1,200 people from teachers and administrators to kitchen staff and cleaning people are still without work after the Municipality of Quito suspended the project “Guagua Centro”, this suspensión also affects 8 thousand children who received pedagogical guidance in the 180 Child Development Centers promoted by the San José Board of Trustees.

🗓️ The state of emergency is extended for thirty days from May 16, when the first decree expires. The president Lenín Moreno, announced the decision through his Twitter account. He also informed that a comprehensive reengineering of the institutional budgets of the State functions will be carried out, in which the budget reduction from 10% to 15% will be considered.

💊 One will only be able to buy medicines that are in the basic four. After the registered complaints for irregular acquisition processes in many of the country’s hospitals these days, Lenín Moreno, through an order, amended the Regulations of the Law of the National System of Public Procurement, to centralize the purchasing system. According to the executive this will allow for prices to be lowered and reduce corruption. In the order it was established that they will only be able to buy medicines that are the basic four of the country and these purchases will be supervised by an Interinstitutional Committee integrated by delegates of the Ministry of National Defense, Government, Ministry of Health, the IESS, military and police social security and the Public Procurement Service (SERCOP).

♦️ Actions:

✊ Students, teachers and workers of the Universidad Central of Ecuador had a protest against the budget cut.

Students, teachers and workers of the UCE arrived at the pool of the Universidad Central del Ecuador (UCE) and they opposed the budget cut proposed by the Ministry of Finance by yelling “first things first, health and education. The protesters protested carrying signs, flags and complying with biosecurity measures to avoid the COVID19 contagion. Police officers arrived shortly after the start of the protest, to request that the protesters stop, saying that due to the state of emergency and risk of contagion that they couldn’t be there, nevertheless, the demonstration continued and the police officers left. The protest became a march that avanzed through Av. 10 de Agosto with more than a thousand people participating.

Watch the video clip here: 👉https://www.facebook.com/WambraEC/videos/1640814246072595/?v=1640814246072595.



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