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Summary April 28, 2020

Since Friday, April 24, the official Covid19 figures in Ecuador, released by the authorities, reflected some inconsistencies, such as a decrease in cases in the provinces. The National COE explained that in the new reports, the sample data correspond to all those carried out, that is, PCR and rapid, but in the report of cases by province, only the results of the PCR are considered, that is, they are the cases with individual effective diagnosis. This does not mean that there are more unidentified infected people, since the results only correspond to those who accessed Covid tests19.

Data from the Ministry of Health:

64 64,558 tests have been carried out to detect COVID-19, of these ➕ 24,258 people tested positive for COVID-19, and ➖ 26,703 were negative.

🏠 20,103 people who are kept in house isolation in a stable clinical situation, 🏥 318 people hospitalized and 134 people hospitalized with a reserved prognosis. 64 1,643 people were discharged from hospital, 1,189 people have recovered.

⚰️ 871 people have died with a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 and 1,212 people who probably died from the virus, but it has not been determined. In total: 2,083 people died with and without diagnosis.

😷 Data of people with confirmed COVID-19 with PCR test, by province:

Guayas 10,200, Pichincha 1,298, Los Ríos 665, Manabí 554, El Oro 448, Santa Elena 347, Azuay 426, Cañar 285, Chimborazo 157, Loja 223, Esmeraldas 164, Sto. Domingo de los Tsáchilas 179, Tungurahua 145, Bolívar 125, Cotopaxi 87, Imbabura 81, Galápagos 60, Carchi 49, Sucumbíos 39, Zamora Chinchipe 43, Morona Santiago 61, Pastaza 43, Orellana 30, Napo 19.

⛲️ Other sources:

⚱️ The Santa Elena Civic Committee and its prefect denounced that up to April 24, 924 deaths related to COVID-19 have been counted within the communes, for this reason the Committee requested the Ministry of Government to redistribute the police personnel to control the area.

💰 The Government Minister, María Paula Romo, reported that 91 million dollars have been delivered to the decentralized autonomous governments. This was reported, in response to the complaint of some GAD’s about the lack of budget, due to the pending values ​​that the executive has with local state entities.

👥 The Economic Regime Commission of the National Assembly restructured the humanitarian support project delivered by the executive. Some of the changes that the commission made are related to «solidarity contributions» that now must be delivered by people who earn from $ 720 onwards, not from 500. On companies, the commission decided that the contributions of 5 % are delivered based on the fiscal year of the last year and not 2018 as stated by the executive.

📌 Measurements:

🚥 The national COE will meet tomorrow with the Association of Municipalities of Ecuador and will provide recommendations on the traffic light color in each canton. However, the municipalities of Samborondón, Quito, Manabí and Loja have already decided to keep the traffic light red.

♦ ️ Actions:

🚺 Fundación Desafío today held a virtual press conference in which it exposed the situation of children, adolescents and women in the midst of the pandemic. Five women expert activists exposed the need for the emergency to be managed with a gender perspective, since confinement increases the risk of experiencing violence for children, adolescents and women, for which reason protection systems are asked to be activated. They also ask that the different realities be considered and that access to sexual and reproductive rights be guaranteed, such as access to contraceptives and timely care for ongoing pregnancy, childbirth and abortions.

🛠 Union, labor and social organizations held a virtual press conference in which they exposed that the country has experienced a setback in rights and stated the content of the draft of the Humanitarian Support Law delivered by the executive is unconstitutional and violates rights of Workers. In addition, they invited citizens to carry out commemorative acts for May 1 from their homes.

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