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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The official Covid19 figures correspond only to the number of people who have accessed a test, it does not include suspicious cases, nor unidentified cases. The data at the national level refer to all the tests taken, both PCR and rapid tests, however, the report by province is only of positive PCR results, therefore, an effective individual diagnosis.

However, since April 27, when the figures were revised, the reports have registered several inconsistencies, according to the health authorities, this occurs due to the constant filtering of the databases, which has included identifying individual patients who were they have had more than one test applied to them. With the intention of keeping you informed and informed, we share the official figures available:

📊 National COE data: 85 85,223 tests have been carried out to detect COVID-19, of these ➕ 30,419 people tested positive for COVID-19, and ➖ 34,200 were negative.

🏠 14,125 people who remain stable with home isolation, 🏥 400 people hospitalized in a stable situation and 189 people hospitalized with a reserved prognosis.

💪🏼 2,782 people were discharged from hospital, 3,433 people have recovered and 7,163 have received an epidemiological discharge.

⚰️ 2,327 people died with a diagnosis confirmed by COVID-19, plus 1,544 more people died with a probable diagnosis. In total: 3,871 people died and were registered by the Ministry of Health with a diagnosis and probable COVID-19.

😷 These are the data of people infected by COVID-19 registered by province: Guayas 11,999, Pichincha 2,336, Manabí 1,277, Los Ríos 1,006, El Oro 707, Azuay 576, Santa Elena 521, Sto. Domingo de los Tsáchilas 488, Esmeraldas 372, Tungurahua 312, Loja 259, Chimborazo 253, Cañar 250, Cotopaxi 207, Bolívar 179, Imbabura 141, Carchi 100, Pastaza 114, Galápagos 71, Zamora Chinchipe 70, Sucumbíos 67, Orellana 67, Morona Santiago 49, Napo 61.

⛲️ Other sources:

🚦 This morning, the traffic light change from red to yellow was discussed in the Quito Metropolitan Council. The mayor, Jorge Yunda, said that protocols must be designed to allow the city to reactivate, since the pandemic will not end soon and the disease situation will not change. Councilor Bernardo Abad, asked to go immediately to yellow, since red exists only in theory because people leave for work and other issues. Patricio Alarcón, from the Quito Chamber of Commerce, also attended the meeting and said that, until April, 116,000 people have lost their jobs and according to IDB projections until June, 138,000 more jobs will be lost.

📌 Measurements:

💰 The State Comptroller’s Office determined several irregularities in the award of a contract for food kits that the National Risk Management Service (SNGR) attempted to carry out, such as receiving by email, two offers without specifications of the unit values ​​of the kits and lack of detailed analysis of the offer. According to the Comptroller’s analysis, the kits should not cost more than $ 95, however, 150 were being paid. The State Attorney General’s Office decided to file charges after the Comptroller’s office determined a «surcharge» in the acquisition process carried out by the SNGR .

♦ ️ Actions:

🤦🏻‍♀️‍ Through the hashtags #JusticiaParaJeniffer and #TodasSomosJennifer, social network users denounced the femicide of a woman in the Galapagos. Jennifer was murdered by her former co-worker yesterday, May 11, 2020, as a result of that femicide, three children are orphaned. Check out the action here 👉🏼 https://bit.ly/2LpRJ6M

🤝 The Alliance of Human Rights Organizations expressed its concern about the health situation of the communities affected by the oil spill on April 7, 2020 and the lack of attention from the Ministry of Public Health, the Kichwa communities are the most affected. The Alliance requested that, in coordination with the FCUNAE leadership, intervention and response actions be carried out in the area.

Check the alert here 👉🏼 https://t.co/uqi6mf4x0P?amp=1.

📚 The fellows of the Colombia-Ecuador reciprocity program denounced, through social networks, the breach of contracts and disbursements by the Institute for the Promotion of Human Talent (IFTH). The closure of this institution directly affects the scholarship holders’ economy and their subsistence in the country, and also leaves in doubt the culmination of research projects that were carried out. Therefore, they demanded the immediate payment of the scholarships and the reimbursement of the discounts made in the third disbursement.

See the complaint here 👉🏼 https://bit.ly/2LlSpd5.

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