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Thursday, May 14, 2020

The official Covid19 figures correspond only to the number of people who have accessed a test, it does not include suspicious cases, nor unidentified cases. The data at the national level refer to all the tests taken, both PCR and rapid tests, however, the report by province is only of positive PCR results, therefore, an effective individual diagnosis.

However, since April 27, when the figures were revised, the reports have registered several inconsistencies, according to the health authorities, this occurs due to the constant filtering of the databases, which has included identifying individual patients who were they have had more than one test applied to them. With the intention of keeping you informed and informed, we share the official figures available:

📊 National COE data: 88 88,923 tests have been carried out to detect COVID-19, of these .50 30,502 people tested positive for COVID-19, and ➖ 34,277 were negative.

🏠 12,738 people who remain stable with home isolation, 🏥 412 people hospitalized in a stable situation and 196 people hospitalized with a reserved prognosis.

💪🏼 2,974 people were discharged from the hospital, 3,433 people have recovered and 8,411 have been epidemiologically discharged.

⚰️ 2,338 people died with a diagnosis confirmed by COVID-19, plus 1,561 more people died with a probable diagnosis. In total: 3,899 people died and were registered by the Ministry of Health with a diagnosis and probable COVID-19.

😷 These are the data of people infected by COVID-19 registered by province: Guayas 12,046, Pichincha 2,339, Manabí 1,281, Los Ríos 1,009, El Oro 716, Azuay 583, Santa Elena 524, Sto. Domingo de los Tsáchilas 488, Esmeraldas 374, Tungurahua 312, Loja 260, Chimborazo 253, Cañar 251, Cotopaxi 207, Bolívar 180, Imbabura 141, Pastaza 114, Carchi 100, Galápagos 71, Zamora Chinchipe 72, Sucumbíos 67, Orellana 67, Napo 61, Morona Santiago 49.

📌 Measurements:

👥 Today the Humanitarian Support bill was being discussed in the National Assembly. Days before, members of the Social Christian Party and the Citizen Revolution said that they would vote against it because the project did not benefit workers. Given this, President Lenín Moreno announced, through his Twitter account, that he had asked the assembly members of his caucus and the National Assembly to eliminate everything related to contributions from the project, to hasten the approval of the law.

💸 The Imbabura Prosecutor’s Office, together with the National Police, carried out a search in the municipality of Antonio Ante, in Atuntaqui, after receiving a complaint from the mayor Rolando Pérez, who requested that an alleged surcharge in the acquisition of cleaning products be investigated. . During the raid, documents and computers were seized to begin the investigation.

♦ ️ Actions:

✊🏼 Protesters, journalists and human rights defenders were attacked and detained in Guayaquil this morning, while participating in a sit-in against the budget cut, the lack of measures and protocols for the removal and identification of bodies in Guayaquil, the absence of a budget for health, layoffs of workers and prioritization of payment to external debt. As reported by the Alliance of Human Rights Organizations, the National Police pushed and attacked one of the protesters who was playing the drum, before this defenders and journalists came to register the repression and were also brutally repressed by the Police who snatched them their cameras and cell phones. Four people were arrested and until 19:00 had not been placed under the orders of the competent authority.

See the full alert here 👉 https://cutt.ly/1yQBfsG.

💊 This morning a sit-in was held on the outskirts of the La Dolorosa Youth Orientation Center in Quito. Children, adolescents, parents and workers of the center specialized in the treatment of addictions rejected the State’s decision to close this center, which for 13 years has worked restoring the rights of children and adolescents living in situations of risk, poverty and I quit using drugs and alcohol. The actions were made visible through social networks with the hashtag #No_al_Cierre_de_la_Dolorosa.

Check out the sit-in here 👉 https://cutt.ly/fyQBJ2M.

📪 In a public letter addressed to President Lenín Moreno, Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner and Minister María Paula Romo, the National Anti-Corruption Commission (CNA) requested that the appointment of Jorge Wated to the IESS Board of Directors and Rommel Salazar to the Secretariat be reviewed. of Risks. The civil society entity said that the possession of both officials corresponds to a distribution of political quotas that seek other political sectors to support the Government in its decisions. The CNA also questioned the role of the Anti-Corruption Secretariat, attached to the national government, and questioned its independence in decision-making, so they expressed their support for the request by prosecutor Diana Salazar that this body be abolished.

Read the letter here 👉 https://cutt.ly/NyQVOz6.

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