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May 11 – 15, 2020

Below, we present the figures from the Ministry of Health counted up to Friday, May 15.

📊 National COE data: 89 89,817 tests were carried out to detect COVID-19, of these ➕ 31,467 people tested positive for COVID-19, and ➖ 36,844 were negative.

🏠 13,160 people who remain stable with home isolation, 🏥 380 people hospitalized in a stable situation and 197 people hospitalized with a reserved prognosis.

💪🏼 3,159 people were discharged from the hospital, 3,433 people have recovered and 8,544 have been epidemiologically discharged. 2.5️ 2,594 people died with a diagnosis confirmed by COVID-19, plus 1,613 more people died with a probable diagnosis. In total: 4,207 people died and were registered by the Ministry of Health with a diagnosis and probable COVID-19.

😷 These are the data of people infected by COVID-19 registered by province: Guayas 12,081, Pichincha 2,484, Manabí 1,374, Los Ríos 1,124, El Oro 839, Azuay 657, Santa Elena 627, Sto. Domingo de los Tsáchilas 553, Esmeraldas 394, Tungurahua 323, Chimborazo 287, Loja ** 279, Cañar 269, Cotopaxi 221, Bolívar 206, Imbabura 146, Pastaza 116, Carchi 100, Napo 88, Zamora Chinchipe 85, Sucumbíos 74, Galápagos 73 , Orellana 70, Morona Santiago 60.

⛲️ Other sources:

🚦 Tuesday, May 12, the traffic light change from red to yellow was discussed in the Quito Metropolitan Council. The mayor, Jorge Yunda, said that protocols must be designed to allow the city to reactivate, since the pandemic will not end soon and the disease situation will not change. Councilor Bernardo Abad, asked to go immediately to yellow, since red exists only in theory because people leave for work and other issues. Patricio Alarcón, from the Quito Chamber of Commerce, also attended the meeting and said that, until April, 116,000 people have lost their jobs and according to IDB projections until June, 138,000 more jobs will be lost.

📌 Measurements:

Alexand️‍ María Alexandra Ocles resigned from the direction of the National Risk Management Service (SGR), after last week a complaint was made about overpricing in the purchase of food kits to deliver to people in vulnerable conditions. The kits were being invoiced at $ 150, when their real value was 86. In his replacement, Lenín Moreno appointed Rommel Salazar.

⚖️ The budget cut to higher education is provisionally suspended, through the autonomous precautionary measure granted by Judge Jorge Enrique Arcos, at the request of Galo Naranjo, President of the University Council of the Technical University of Ambato, and in defense of the right to education, enshrined in the Constitution.

👩🏻‍⚖️‍ The Constitutional Court also issued a resolution in which the Ministry of Finance is ordered to suspend the budget cut for higher education institutions. Although the Court has not yet ruled on the non-compliance action and request for precautionary measures presented by several citizens, so the analysis process continues, the cut provided by the Ministry of Finance cannot be applied either.

👥 With 74 votes in favor, 59 against and 4 abstentions, the National Assembly approved the Humanitarian Support Law. The final text for voting removed the entire chapter on temporary contributions from workers, individuals and companies; and the creation of the Special Account for Humanitarian Support is no longer recorded. However, the articles that allow labor flexibility are kept.

🚦 The president of the Association of Municipalities of Ecuador (AME) and mayor of Paute, Raúl Delgado, in a radio interview said that in several cantons of the country people have gone out to carry out activities, despite the fact that in most cantons the red light, therefore asked to consider making an orderly color change. He also referred to the debt of 400 million dollars that the central government maintains with the municipalities and asked for a dialogue with the president, since during the pandemic President Moreno has not met with the mayors.

♦ ️ Actions:

👨🏼‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓 Students, teachers and workers from public universities met in the Plaza Indoamérica, outside the Central University of Ecuador, to march in rejection of the budget cut announced by the government. The call was made on Friday May 8 through the different organizations that make up the Defense Front of the Public University. Protesters came in biosafety armor, walked to the Baca Ortiz Hospital, holding up posters and shouting slogans in defense of public education and health. CON CONAIE, in a virtual press conference, issued a balance of the impact of covid19 on indigenous communities. As explained by the leaders, the government is not acting in defense of the health of peoples and nationalities, there are 47 cases of covid19 in the Amazonian provinces, while in Chimborazo and other provinces of the Sierra several indigenous people have died, on the coast around of 350 people of the Huancavilca, Chachi and Manta nationalities have already tested positive, therefore access to the territories has been restricted to prevent the spread, said Jaime Vargas, who also denounced the damage to the indigenous communities of the Amazon after the spill oil on April 7.

👶 Directors, nursery schools and workers of Guagua Centros held a sit-in, in front of the San José Municipal Board, against the closure of the program by the Municipality of Quito. With this closure 1,200 women would be unemployed and 8,000 children without pedagogical guidance, the women requested teleworking modalities, such as those that the Board maintains with the Metropolitan Initial Education Centers (CEMEI). The women demanded to be attended by Mayor Jorge Yunda, but had to withdraw after the arrival of members of the army, the National Transit Agency and the National Police. The Amazon nationality Waorani issued a statement in which, concerned about cases of contagion in the Miguaguno community, they asked people of this nationality to maintain isolation and take precautionary measures to prevent the spread of covid19. They also reported that the leaders of Nawe, Amwae and Conconawep are working together with the MSP and health districts 2 and 3 to carry out a massive test in the area and to start the epidemiological siege confirming cases of covid19.

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