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Thursday, May 7, 2020

The official COVID19 numbers only correspond to the number of people that had access to a test, they do not include the suspected or unidentified cases. The numbers at the national level refer to all of the tests taken, both PCR and rapid tests, however, the report by province only includes the positive PCR results, an effective individual diagnosis. However, since April 27, when they revised the numbers, the reports have registered various inconsistencies, according to the health authorities, this happens due to the constant debugging of databases, which includes identifying individual patients who have taken more than one test. With the intention to keep you informed, we share with you the official numbers available: 

📊 Facts from the National COE: 

🔬 They have conducted 83,218 tests to detect COVID-19, of which ➕ 30,298 people tested positive to the diagnostic COVID-19 test, and ➖ 34,505 tested negative.

🏠 15,561 people are stable in home isolation, 🏥 362 people are hospitalized in stable condition and 156 people are hospitalized in uncertain condition.

💪 2,292 people were discharged from the hospital, 3,433 people have recovered and 6,644 have received an epidemiological discharge. 

⚰️ 1,654 people have died with confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, plus 1,705 people more that died with a probable diagnosis. In total: 3,359 people have died and were registered by the Ministry of Health with an official or probable COVID-19 diagnosis.

😷 These are the facts of people infected by COVID-19 registered by province: Guayas 12,577, Pichincha 1,956, Manabí 1,263, Los Ríos 1,049, El Oro 673, Santa Elena 608, Azuay 561, Sto. Domingo de los Tsáchilas 332, Cañar 349, Esmeraldas 290, Loja 274, Tungurahua 234, Chimborazo 229, Bolívar 197, Cotopaxi 148, Imbabura 108, Carchi 84, Pastaza 80, Morona Santiago 71, Galápagos 70, Zamora Chinchipe *78, Orellana 48, Sucumbíos 42, Napo 40.

📈 Other Facts:

🦠 The Municipality of Guayaquil presented today the results of a statistical study that was conducted in the city to be familiar with the situation of the infection by COVID19. In this study it was determined that 33% of the habitants already had the virus, of which 14.8% are in the final phase, 14.7% are in the intermediate phase and 3.3% were infected within the past week.

⚖️ The Attorney General, Diana Salazar, sent a letter to President Lenín Moreno in which she complained that the Anti-Corruption Secretariat is obstructing the investigation of corruption cases during the emergency, so she requested the president to evaluate the responsibilities and the relevance of this entity’s existence.

📌 Measures:

💮 Since March 11 all of the countries notaries will restore their attentions and assist under the modality of previous appointments, while the emergency lasts, as reported by the Judicial Council in a statement.

⚱️ The government lists a decree to deactivate the Joint Task Force that operated in Guayas, for the process of dead bodies during the sanitary emergency in the province after the deaths reduced from 650 to 62 daily, according to Civil Registration from May 1 to May 6, they have registered 483 deaths. The announcement  was made by the minister of Defense, Oswaldo Jarrín, and Vicepresident Otto Sonnenholzner in a replacement ceremony. 


♦️ Actions:

🤝🏼 The Alliance of Organizations for Human Rights allerted that 52 communities of the Nacionalidad Chachi will be at risk of Covid19, after the deaths of two people from the community of Chontaduro, in the province of Esmereldas, who had virus symptoms. The Federation of Chachis Centers in Esmeraldas assured that they still do not have official information about the cause of the deaths. This is added to other situations that deepen the nationality’s situation of violation. The alliance requested the Ecuadorian State to pay special attention to the needs and different impacts that the COVID19 pandemic causes in the historically excluded and at risk groups. The complete alert: bit.ly/35BfRfM. The people that want to support this nationality can contact the president of the Federation of Chachis Centers in Esmeraldas, Santiago de la Cruz Añapa, at the number 0986914240 or email: federacionchachi@yahoo.com.

💼 The case of the murder of the shuar leader José Tendetza, was accpeted by the CIDH for analysis of the violated rights and for obtaining responses to the Ecuadorian State. José Tendetza disappeared on November 28, 2014, until December 2, 2014 when his body appeared floating on the Zamora river. The investigation and the judicial process did not determine the cause of death nor who was responsible. His story: https://conaie.org/2015/07/21/el-valor-de-los-muertos-en-el-discurso-gubernamental/


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