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Friday, May 1, 2020


The official Covid19 figures correspond only to the number of people who have accessed a test, it does not include suspicious cases, nor unidentified cases. Since Friday, April 27, the National COE reported that the reported number of total samples adds the number of PCR tests and rapid tests applied, while the cases by province are only the results of PCR tests, therefore, they are effective diagnoses. individual. Data from the Ministry of Health: 71 71,950 tests have been carried out to detect COVID-19, of these .3 26,336 people tested positive for COVID-19, and ➖ 29,226 were negative.

🏠 20,988 people who remain stable with home isolation, 🏥 337 people hospitalized in a stable situation and 149 people hospitalized with a reserved prognosis.

💪🏼 1,886 people were discharged from hospital, 1,913 people have recovered, 1.0️ 1,063 people have died from COVID-19, plus 1,606 probable deaths. In total: 2,669 people died with and without diagnosis.

😷 These are the data of people with confirmed COVID-19 by province: Guayas 11,207, Pichincha 1,507, Los Ríos 803, Manabí 633, El Oro 559, Azuay 490, Santa Elena 412, Cañar 312, Loja 251, Sto. Domingo de los Tsáchilas 244, Chimborazo 208, Esmeraldas 208, Tungurahua 189, Bolívar 151, Cotopaxi 120, Imbabura 98, Morona Santiago 72, Galápagos 70, Carchi 58, Zamora Chinchipe 55, Pastaza 50, Sucumbíos 44, Orellana 35, Napo 30.


⛲️ Other sources:

📰 The organization Emblema de Prensa (PEC) Campaign reported yesterday that, since March 1, 55 journalists have died in 23 countries due to the few guarantees provided by the media and the States to cover COVID19. According to this organization, Ecuador was the most affected country, with at least nine journalists killed by coronavirus, followed by the United States (8), Brazil (4), the United Kingdom (3) and Spain (3).

😵 The Guayas Prosecutor’s Office investigates the identity of 131 corpses that are found, in a state of decomposition, in 5 containers at the Teodoro Maldonado Carbo, Ceibos and Guasmo Sur hospitals. The Prosecutor’s Office investigates the cause of bodies with unknown identities. Informó The WHO reported that boys and girls represent between 1 and 5% of those infected in the world. WHO’s COVID-19 technical leader Maria Van Kerkhove said that most infected children have mild symptoms and make a full recovery. However, he pointed out that there are children who have died from the virus, therefore, the care of this group is essential.

📌 Measurements: The president, Lenín Moreno announced that a million tests will be carried out throughout the country in the next 80 days, according to the president «the line of infections is stopping its growth» and therefore the number of deaths has decreased throughout the country. However, mayors of the three cantons of Santa Elena have denounced the drastic increase in deaths in that province.

📚 The Ministry of Finance reported that due to the fiscal situation that the country is going through, it made a reduction in the budget assigned to the Ministry of Education and asked that it review the occasional contracts and enroll them in the new payroll with a lower denomination, these people will only be kept in the Education portfolio until the end of your contract. In addition, the Ministry of Economy and Finance carried out the suspension of the budget corresponding to the SAFPI, Literacy and Post-literacy projects, for which reason the separation of personnel must be notified on April 30, 2020, except for vulnerable groups.


♦ ️ Actions:

🛠 Almost 50 thousand people were left without work amid the pandemic, according to the Unitary Front of Workers. Until April 21, the Ministry of Labor received 4,526 complaints of untimely dismissals and so far has registered 49,733 settlement records that have not yet been executed. Today, which is commemorating International Labor Day, there was no peaceful day in which thousands of workers marched to demand labor guarantees. However, in some parts of Quito, peaceful marches did take place to demand untimely dismissals. Extra️ Former workers of the Pichincha Sports Concentration protested the untimely removal of 60 workers.
They held the demonstration in the surroundings of the General Rumiñahui Coliseum, wearing biosecurity suits and
implements and keeping their distance.

🤝 The Alliance of Human Rights Organizations issued an alert in which it demanded that the State guarantee
the rights of people, indigenous and Afro-descendant communities, and communities of the Epẽrarã Siapidaara
nationality of Esmeraldas who are currently experiencing serious difficulties in accessing food and health services.
For this reason, they called for solidarity and asked the citizens to make donations to the Pichincha Bank current
account number 33723007-04 in the name of Nacionalidad Epera Siapidaara (RUC: 0891706650001), to request
information you can call the number: 0969117634.

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